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Latch Rug Hooking Kits

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If you’re thinking of taking up a new hobby and trying the incredible art of rug making, Craft Club’s latch rug hooking kits are your best choice! Not just visually appealing, our latch rug hooking kits are also quite easy and simple to make. Each kit comes with everything that you need to start and finish your first latch rug hooking project successfully.

Whether you’re a beginner or you already know your way around latch rug hooking, Craft Club is the place to shop! We offer an extensive range of modern rug patterns, different colours, and vibrant designs. From simple and peachy aesthetics to more abstract latch rug hooking kits, there’s something for everyone in our shop. Learn more about the unique art of rug making and get started with your new creative hobby.

Is latch rug hooking easy?

The latch rug hooking technique is a fairly easy rug making technique that’s become quite popular in recent years. Despite what some crafters point out, latch hooking is just as easy and creative as traditional rug hooking. The secret to success is to purchase the best latch rug hooking kits that include everything you need for mastering this unique craft. 

If you have the right tools and necessary materials, you will learn the art of latch rug hooking in no time. Remember that practice is key - the more you practice, the faster you’ll become a latch hooking master. It’s also important to enjoy the process and find a rug pattern you will be eager to show off in your home or give as a gift.

What tools do I need for latch rug hooking?

A high-quality latch hook tool

Easy and simple to follow, Craft Club’s latch rug hooking kits include the most essential tool for starting this trending art - a premium wooden latch hook. A latch hook is used to knot strands of yarn through a rug canvas. With a hook on the end and a small hinged piece underneath it, this tool is a necessity for every latch hook project. 

If you’re completely new to rug making, it might be best to order a kit that includes everything you need to ensure your first latch hooking project goes as smoothly and easily as possible. 

Professional rug canvas with printed design

Another vital tool that comes with each of our latch rug hooking kits is rug canvas. Used to latch a hook on, the rug canvas is the base of your entire craft project. It has evenly spaced holes for the yarn will go through. Oftentimes, the canvas will have a printed pattern so that you know where to put which colour and create your rug more seamlessly. 

Latch hook yarn

You can either buy a pre-cut latch hook yarn or make it yourself. If you’re a beginner, you’ll benefit the most from purchasing all-inclusive latch rug hooking kits with all the necessary tools and materials. Latch hook yarns usually come pre-made and separated into different colours. Depending on the rug pattern of your choice, you’ll get all the required lengths and colours to create the final piece. At Craft Club, we always include pre-cut yarn inside our kits. We even put a little extra yarn just in case and for your peace of mind. 

Pattern and instructions

What makes our latch rug hooking kits so special is that we actually want you to be able to start and finish your project as smoothly as possible. That’s why we go a little extra when we prepare our kits (we can’t help it, we just want everyone to enjoy rug making as much as we do!). Each of our kits comes with an easy pattern that anyone can master as well as detailed instructions you can refer to at any given moment. Everyone was a beginner at rug making at one point, and so did we! Our instructions will help you create a stunning rug and actually enjoy the process!

How to choose the best latch rug hooking kits?

With so many kinds of latch rug hooking kits available on the market, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to choose the best one for yourself. We’d like to help out! First off, start by being honest with yourself and determining your level of expertise when it comes to rug-making. Is this your first latch hook project? If so, the best way to go about is to choose a kit for beginners. Craft Club’s latch rug hooking kits are easy and simple to follow, which makes them ideal for those totally new to rug making. 

If you’re a more experienced crafter, there are a bunch of kits to choose from in our online store. Ask yourself: what kind of rug do you want to make and where will it go? From more natural earth tones to floral and peachy colours, there are plenty of modern patterns at your disposal. 

When choosing the best latch rug hooking kits, consider your expertise level, colour preference, and house design. Remember that the more you enjoy your rug-making project, the faster you will finish it. That’s why we recommend following your gut and choosing your favourite patterns. 

Craft Club’s latch rug hooking kits are specially designed to give you the kick you need to master the art of rug making! We provide you with everything you need to become a modern crafter and a rug artisan at your own home!