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Modern Cross Stitch Kits

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Are you looking for some funky and modern cross stitch kits? You’re in the right place! And yes, you’ve read that right, cross stitch can actually be quite modern. Despite what many people believe, it’s not a hobby reserved only for our nans anymore. The times have changed, cross stitching has found a way into the hearts of youngsters and we couldn’t be happier about it. 

As the reputation of the craft was changing, so was the choice of designs available. Today, there are more modern cross stitch kits to choose from. You can create surprisingly fresh patterns and stylish patterns using the basic cross stitch supplies and only your hands. 

Craft Club offers a variety of modern cross stitch kits that are perfect for both beginners and expert crafters. From bright images of animals and plants to funky and bold lettering cross stitches. Each kit comes with everything you need to finalize the project seamlessly, frame the piece, and hang it anywhere you want. 

What are the most popular modern cross stitch kits?

The new era of cross stitch is here. With these modern cross stitch kits, you can join the revolution and give cross stitching the place it deserves. If you’re looking for more contemporary and unusual designs, here are some ideas from crafters at Craft Club.

Natural patterns

Natural modern cross stitch kits are in high demand. Whether it’s due to the power of natural earth tones or the soothing nature of the animal world, floral patterns are taking over the embroidery world. Craft Club’s online shop has plenty of nature-inspired patterns and beautiful floral designs. 

Cross stitching in itself already provides a relaxing and calming effect. Add natural tones and bright colours to the mix, and you’ve got yourself a fine weekday evening. Check out our most modern cross stitch kits, such as the Bloom Cross Stitch Kit or Bee & Blossom Cross Stitch Kit. 

Decorative lettering

Some of the most popular cross stitch kits include words and fancy lettering. This gives crafters the opportunity to make a statement and play around with ideas. The variety of font options adds a touch of creativity to cross stitch projects and can make the whole piece a masterpiece. Craft Club’s online store offers some unique designs that include everything you need to finalize your cross stitch. 

Cross stitch bundles

Some pieces work better when put together. The same goes for modern cross stitch kits at Craft Club. To get a fresh touch to your living room, consider getting a bundle of cross stitch projects that you can hang on your wall and spur up your interior decor. 

Coloured backgrounds

Add a touch of colour to the cross stitch fabric and you’ve got yourself a fancy new design. Although white background can still be trendy and appealing, it’s a good idea to mix things up a bit from time to time. Coloured backgrounds have become quite popular in the past few months and you can see a lot of crafters experiment with cross stitch colours in their projects. If you want to embrace modern cross stitch kits and try some new techniques, we suggest you go with this trend.

How to choose the best cross stitch kit?

When choosing a cross stitch kit for you, consider your level of expertise. Are you a beginner or you’re already familiar with this great craft? For novice stitchers, it’s better to work with simple cross stitch kits that include all basic supplies and instructions. But don’t worry! That doesn’t mean your final result will be any less chic or fun. It only means you’ll be able to enjoy the process more. Cross stitching is all about leisure and entertainment. Don’t rush it and enjoy every stitch you make until you finalize your project. 

You should also consider the time you have on your hands. It would be such a pity if you couldn’t bring your cross stitch project to completion. When browsing through our modern cross stitch kits, make sure you take availability into account as much as the appeal of our designs. 

Another way to choose modern cross stitch kits is to follow your inner voice. Which design appeals to you the most? Don’t overthink too much but go for it! The more you like a design, the better the chances of mastering it. When you enjoy the process and you’re eager to see the end result, you dedicate yourself more to the project and can become a pro in no time.

Where can I order modern cross stitch kits?

Here at Craft Club, we combine the traditional art of cross stitch with the modern artsy designs of today. That’s why you can find anything your heart desires in our online stores. Some of our best-sold items include the Triptych Cross Stitch Kit Bundle, Cat Amongst the Pot Plants Cross Stitch Kit and Possé Cross Stitch Kit Bundle. 

Our modern cross stitch kits are not only stylish and fun, but they’re also enjoyable to do in the comfort of your own home. Once you’re done, you can frame your favourite piece and hang it on the wall. We wanted to make sure that crafters can start and finish any of our modern projects in no time. They come with everything you need to get started from fabric, coloured strands, wooden hoops, needles to detailed and thorough instructions. 

Ready to order one of our modern cross stitch kits? We can’t wait to see your masterpiece!