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Rug Hooking Kit

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With a modern rug hooking kit, creating rugs has never been this easy. If you want to explore this awesome art, check out the Craft Club Shop to buy a rug hooking kit. A blend of art and craft, rug hooking is an ideal way to express your artistic side and add a touch of tradition to your lovely home design. If you’ve been thinking of starting a new hobby and want to spur your creativity, you’re in the right place. Order a rug hooking kit from Craft Club’s wide collection, that will help you master this wonderful craft in no time!

What is rug hooking?

Rug hooking is both an art and a craft of creating rugs by pulling strips of wool through a stiff woven backing such as linen. A crochet-type hook is used to pull these strips through the base material, therefore the name “rug hooking”. There’s also the latch hooking technique that differs from traditional rug hooking by the physical knotting of the yarn or fabric to canvas. 

What initially began as practically a necessity has now turned into a creative hobby, a form of home art, and a self-care activity. During the past decades, it has switched from being a craft of the poor into an art form. More and more crafters around the globe are using a rug hooking kit to create art by hand and unwind after a long day.

Rug hooking has been present for at least 200 years all across the world. It has been particularly popular in North America, while its beginnings trace back to the 19th century in England where early forms of this craft were adopted. Weaving mills workers were allowed to use leftover materials from the mills called thrums (pieces of yarn that ran 23cm long). Since these by-products were practically useless, the workers brought them home to use for their own needs. By pulling the thrums through a backing, they were able to create rugs for themselves. This simple form of home craft evolved later on and became a popular trend in North America as well as other parts of the world. Through material and technique exploration, rug hooking was able to grow into the exciting, modern art form that it is today.

Is rug hooking easy?

Rug hooking is relatively easy, especially if you have the right supplies and tools. With a Craft Club rug hooking kit, you’ll learn how to make a stunning rug quickly and efficiently. You’ll also enjoy every step of the process and feel particularly proud about the final result. 

The more you practice with an easy Craft Club rug hooking kit, the faster you’ll become a pro! At Craft Club, we always like to say that practice makes perfect. The art of rug hooking is no exception. It would be best to start off with kits for beginners until you master the technique and feel confident in your skills. Then, you can proceed with more complex patterns and challenging designs. Learning to do the basics of rug making is very easy and simple. You have the chance to take up projects of different shapes and sizes, depending on your level of expertise. With a variety of different colours and fabric choices at your disposal, you can easily find a perfect rug hooking kit for you. This craft is a soothing and calming activity so take your time and enjoy it!

What tools do you need for rug hooking?

There are some basic tools and supplies that you will need to start making rugs. A Craft Club rug hooking kit includes basic supplies such as a latch hook, wool hook, and braided fabric rug. It would be best to purchase from a specialized rug making craft store because they will always include the necessary tools and materials for rug hooking. Instead of chasing supplies on your own across town or investing in pricey materials, you can buy a ready-made rug hooking kit for a much smaller price. 

Luckily for you, Craft Club is one step ahead! We’ve created simple and easy kits that contain everything you need to not only learn how to hook a rug but also master it! From beginner-friendly kits to more challenging rug designs that require more attention, you’re guaranteed to find what you need in our Craft Club’s online shop!

Here are the tools that you need for rug hooking (and that a Craft Club rug hooking kit includes):

  • Easy rug hooking pattern
  • Detailed instructions
  • Premium wooden latch hook
  • Professional-backed rug canvas with printed design 
  • Pre-cut yarn in each colour (plus a little extra!)
  • Plenty of tips and tricks from our crafters’ community

Once you’ve got yourself one a rug hooking kit, you’ll be ready to get started. We created our modern rug hooking kit with a clear mission in mind: we wanted to make sure that everyone can start and finish them, no matter the skill level. 

There’s great pleasure in being able to create your own home rug. You can use your finished design for your home’s entrance, your living room, or under-the-desk area. You can even give it to a loved one as a special gift - they’ll love that you’ve put your heart and soul into it! 

A Craft Club rug hooking kit is modern, simple, and easy to follow. They have everything you need to create your own masterpiece rug at home. Find your favourite rug pattern and get hooked!