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Hooking rugs is fun and easy. You simply pull wool strips through a burlap loop by loop. There are no restrictive rules. You can even learn on your own. The best way to learn is to pick out a rug-making kit from Craft Club. Kits from this online store inspire and are designed for beginners who want to have a fantastic first project they can be proud of.

What do you get in a rug-making kit?

Rug making kits come in various styles. Typically, it includes a latch hook, wool hook, and braided fabric rug. Big craft stores often carry latch hook rug making kits. But if you want braided or wool rug kits, you may have to purchase them from a company specialising in rug making supplies. Remember that the best rug making kits must include all the supplies needed to complete a rug project. It allows you to sample the craft without making a considerable investment in supplies or tools. Craft Club provides a convenient way to get started on this hobby. Craft Club’s online store has an extensive collection of rug making kits for the enthusiastic beginner.

Rugs created with latch hooking utilise a special tool to fasten lengths of yarn to a base typically made from canvas. Popular patterns include bouquets, animals, and nature scenes. These kits often come with a printed or painted canvas as well as short strips of acrylic yarn. The colours included will depend on what is needed to complete the design. Some rug making kits will come with a latch hooking tool critical to completing the rug project. But other kits will not include this tool. But latch hooking tools can be bought wherever there is a rug making kit sold.

To finish a hooked woollen rug, you need broad strips of wool. This is inserted into a grid base of fabric or burlap. Strips for rug hooking can be in any colour. It is usually ¼ inch wide. A latch hook is utilised to work the wool into the base. Rug making kits for producing wool hook rugs usually include a burlap base. Wool is needed to finish the project as well as the basic directions. Some brands will consist of a tool for the rug hooking, while others will require the buyer to purchase a basic crochet hook separately.

Small independent cottage industries typically produce wool rug making kits. They can be found at specialty stores online. The fibre used in this rug making kit can be felted wool or wool cut from garments. Wool thread for rug making is often dyed for the project. Kits of this type are often sold as limited editions.

Braided rug kits will include broad strips of fabric in varying colours and a thick needle for sewing the rug. Broad strips of cotton are meant to be braided into a strip. It is then looped and stitched into the rug. Kits of this type will include the fabric instructions and a needle. The fabric strips are usually 3 inches, but the width can vary a bit.

How to choose the right rug making kit?

Hand hook rug making

This is considered traditional rug hooking. Hand hooking generally utilises wool flannel and is done on a base of evenweave. The base can be burlap, monk’s cloth, or linen. Hand hooking is a tool that looks like a crochet hook. The largest size is for the broadest fabric strip, while the smaller size is for the thinner strips. Ideal projects for hand hooking are chair seats, wall hangings, and clothing. You can find patterns and kits for these.

Needle Rug-Making

Punch needle rug hooking may require quite a few different needles. Each will be furnished with a device to manage the yarn loop’s length. Loops can be left as is or trimmed. But by controlling the device, the rug can have a sculptural quality. The punch needle method can be used with either fabric or yarn. It is often used in the base of burlap or monk’s cloth.

Latch hook rug making

This technique uses a tool with an end similar to a loop turner. It utilises a short-precut rug or yarn strips. Each is knotted once. Latch hooking is used on a base of rug canvas. Latch hooking kits include the pattern, the pre-cut yarn, and the backing. For crafters who want to make their own design, cutting gauges are available. This tool will help guide you in precise yarn preparation.

Do you need a little push to get started on a creative hobby? Need a bit of inspiration? Crafty kits from Craft Club will give you the kick you need. We provide you with the convenience of online shopping to get started on your craft in no time.

Craft Club’s rug making kits are simple and easy to follow. We want to make sure that beginner crafters can start and finish one of our modern projects in no time. Our rug making kit comes with everything you need to get started. It will include fabric, coloured strands, wooden hoops, needles and detailed instructions. Get started with your very own craft kit today and beat lockdown boredom.

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